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Business Philosophy

Business Philosophy
Inspire new life in "steel", that is our business.
A matter of necessity for efforts to open new paths to the future is the relentless pursuit of higher value-added production. As a composite processor organically combining the functions of material maker, part maker, and assembly plant, Keiyo Blanking Kogyo is pursuing the goal of higher value-added production. With world-class continuous blanking press lines, as well as single-action press lines, numerically-controlled NC gas cutting machines, various types of laser cutting machines and advanced machining center lines, our facilities can handle all processing needs from forming to welding, assembly and painting. The wide range of composite processing functions which we possess gives us an integrated manufacturing capability covering every step from materials to parts and further to the final assembled and painted product.

Our patented processing technologies are the result of an impressive investment in research and development, which has paid off handsomely in a shorter processing route and improved product quality. We produce a number of product lines under our own brand name, including truck material, construction equipment, products for building and civil engineering and container-related products. But we aren’t just developing our own products, we are also actively developing and marketing new products through joint development projects. Thus, our composite processing system, constructed on the basis of our leading-edge equipment, a high level of technical expertise and creative research and development capabilities, is giving birth to new, high value-added products in a wide range of fields. In an increasingly mature society, the functions and applications of steel, which provide the foundation for that society, will become ever more diverse. In meeting these new needs, Keiyo Blanking Kogyo is proud of its role as an integrated composite processor which can serve as a model for the plate forming technology of the future. As we open new paths to the technical frontiers of the future, we are confident that we can respond flexibly and appropriately to the diverse needs of all our customers.

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